Information for Presenters & Chairs


Chairs: Once logged into Conftool, under “Information for Session Chairs and Moderators” you can access details about the sessions moderated or chaired by you.

To Join a session click on the session title, in the program or in the ‘information for Session Chairs and Moderators’, and click on the blue zoom button near the top of the page. See an example here. Zoom buttons will appear 15 minutes before sessions are scheduled to begin.

Here are some tips if you are a panelist or chair at CASID 2021.

  • For a standard, 4 person panel, plan for 15 minutes for each presentation with 30 minutes for questions and discussion. If there are less than 4 presenters the length of the presentations may be extended.
  • Use a computer with a dual screen set-up so that you can see your speaking notes, audience and share your screen at the same time.
  • Minimize or close other tabs and windows to reduce distractions for you and others and reduce the demand on your computer and internet connection.
  • In case of technical difficulties, send your slides to the chair before the session begins.
  • We invite you to prepare your slides in the official language other than the one in which you will speak (Thank you to CAAS for this suggestion).
  • Choose a quiet and bright location for your presentation, with a neutral background (virtual backgrounds can be distracting and use bandwidth).
  • Use a headset or headphones to prevent feedback and distractions.
  • Join your session 15 minutes in advance to test your audio and video with the other presenters, technical volunteer and chair.
  • You can test your audio and video in advance of your session at
  • If you can, use a hard-wired Ethernet connection or position yourself close to your modem/router to ensure the stability of your internet connection.
  • Note the call-in number for your conference session in the event of technical difficulties.
  • Relax, a CASID technical volunteer will be in every session to support you.

Enjoy your session!