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The CASID Listserv

CASID co-ordinates an electronic discussion that allows you to participate in an ongoing discussion of international development issues with colleagues in Canada and world-wide. We also distribute the Newsletter and most of the Annual Conference information through the listserv. It is your best method to keep current on CASID events.

The list name is CASID. We are grateful to Memorial University for hosting the listserv. You will need to subscribe to receive or send messages. Messages posted to the listserv are distributed to all registered members.

To subscribe to the Listserv:

  • Send the message: SUBSCRIBE CASID [yourfirstname] [yourlastname] -- subscribe CASID Kim Smith -- to the address:  
  • Leave the subject line blank and turn off your automatic signature if you have one. Do remember to put YOUR name in the message, otherwise you get subscribed as “Kim Smith” or “yourfirstname yourlastname”
  • Remember, do not send general messages to this address, or they will be processed as commands!

To post to the Listserv:

  • All you need to do to post a message to the CASID Listserv is send the message to
  • Messages are reviewed by the list administrator before being posted to all subscribers
  • Remember, do not send list commands (eg., the command to subscribe) to this address!

To unsubscribe from the Listserv:

  • Send a message  as above, in the body of the message all you need to type is SIGNOFF.
  • Again, leave the subject line blank and turn off your automatic signature if you have one. Questions or problems may be addressed to the listowner

*** Please note that membership is not a condition to subscribe, though we encourage all list subscribers to join CASID. Members are automatically subscribed to the list. ***