The Canadian Consortium for College and University Programs in International Development Studies (CCCUPIDS) is a group of instructors and coordinators associated with Development Studies programs in Canadian universities. CCCUPIDS was established as a network of International Development Studies programs in June 1995 with funding from the International Development Research Centre (IDRC). Members of CCCUPIDS are engaged in training and educating future generations of development scholars and practitioners in Canada.

The central objective of CCCUPIDS is to strengthen the position of International Development Studies programs in Canadian colleges and universities through greater dialogue and collaborative efforts between individuals and groups associated with these programs. In order to enhance opportunities for intellectual exchange and for sharing teaching and learning resources through CCCUPIDS, members have held regular workshops focusing on issues like study abroad programs, internships, risks, liability and fieldwork, innovative teaching modules among others.

These collaborative efforts and information exchange have, moreover, been continued through regular discussions via the CCCUPIDS listserv (CCUPIDS@lists.mcgill.ca). In coming years, CCCUPIDS seeks to continue its role in providing leadership to development studies programs by fostering inter-university collaborations, both within and outside Canada. Especially, CCCUPIDS seeks to increase the opportunities for closer connections between international institutions supporting development-related initiatives and organizations and universities in the Third World engaged in similar educational initiatives.