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Special Issue: China’s Changing Food System // Numéro thématique: Transformations du système alimentaire chinois
Guest editors/Rédacteurs invités: Steffanie Scott, Zhenzhong Si and Matthew Gaudreau


China’s changing food system: top-down and bottom-up forces in food system transformations
Zhenzhong Si and Steffanie Scott


State food security and people’s food sovereignty: competing visions of agriculture in China
Matthew Gaudreau

Links between China’s “virtual land use” and farmland loss
Zhiying Xu, Taiyang Zhong, Steffanie Scott, Yumei Tang, Guoliang Xu and Qiong He

The rise and fall of middle farmers: accumulation and differentiation in the tea consumption revolution in China
Huaqing Huang

The changing role of local government in organic agriculture development in Wanzai County, China
Yuhui Qiao, Friederike Martin, Xueqing He, Huayang Zhen and Xihe Pan

Wet markets, supermarkets and alternative food sources: consumers’ food access in Nanjing, China
Zhenzhong Si, Steffanie Scott and Cameron McCordic

Impact of social media apps on producer-member relations in China’s community supported agriculture
Weiping Chen and Si Tan

Bottom-up self-protection responses to China’s food safety crisis
Li Zhang and Gubo Qi

A relational view of self-protection amongst China’s food safety crises
Haiying Lin, Ping Fang, Li Zhou and Licheng Xu

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