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We are pleased to announce that issue 40(2) of the Canadian Journal of Development Studies appeared online on April 19 2019.

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Nous sommes heureux de vous informer que le numéro 40(2) de la Revue canadienne d’études du développement a été mis en ligne le 19 avril 2019.

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Articles / Articles

Direct democracy in mining conflicts in Latin America: mobilising against the La Colosa project in Colombia
Kristina Dietz

Religion and female empowerment: evidence from Pakistan and northern Nigeria
Masooda Bano

The myth of the global middle class, globalisation’s fallback success story
Steven Knauss

Land grabbing in Uruguay: new forms of land concentration
Gabriel Oyhantçabal and Ignacio Narbondo

Special Section / Section thématique: Generational transmission of smallholder farms in late capitalism / Transmission intergénérationnelle des petites exploitations agricoles en contexte de capitalisme avancé

Generational transmission of smallholder farms in late capitalism
Anne Cassidy, Sharada Srinivasan and Ben White

Female successors in Irish family farming: four pathways to farm transfer
Anne Cassidy

Working with stuckness: lessons from an intervention to support intergenerational transitions on Australian dairy farms
Michael Santhanam-Martin, Patten Bridge and Lillian Stevens

Agrarian pathways for the next generation of Japanese farmers
Steven McGreevy, Mai Kobayashi and Keiko Tanaka

Extrafamilial farm succession: an adaptive strategy contributing to the renewal of peasantries in Austria
Anna Korzenszky

Book review / Compte rendu de livre

Toward a better world: memoirs of a life in international development economics, by Gerry Helleiner
Ian Smillie