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We are pleased to announce that issue 40 (3) of the Canadian Journal of Development Studies appeared online on 19 August 2019. Go to:

Nous sommes heureux de vous informer que le numéro 40(3) de la Revue canadienne d’études du développement a été mis en ligne le 19 août 2019. Pour le consulter, veuillez cliquer sur :

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Articles / Articles

Brokering justice: global indigenous rights and struggles over hydropower in Nepal
Thomas Sikor, Poshendra Satyal, Hari Dhungana and Gyanu Maskey

Advocacy, charity and struggles for global justice in Canada
John D. Cameron and Olivia Kwiecien

Donor proliferation to what ends? New donor countries and the search for legitimacy.
Nilima Gulrajani and Liam Swiss

Real “non-governmental” aid and poverty: comparing privately and publicly financed NGOs in Canada
John-Michael Davis

Success and failure of protest actors’ framing strategies in conflicts over land and mining in Senegal
Louisa Prause

The limits to extraction: mining and colonialism in Nunavut
Warren Bernauer

Engaging men and boys to prevent gender-based violence in South Africa: possibilities, tensions and debates
Emily Colpitts

Review Essay / Essai Critique

Review Essay of Gender Challenges (Volumes 1, 2 and 3), by Bina Agarwal

Avanti Mukherjee