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Nous sommes heureux de vous informer que le numéro 40(4) de la Revue canadienne d’études du développement a été mis en ligne le 2 décembre 2019. Pour le consulter, veuillez cliquer sur :

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Review Essay / Essai critique

Omission and commission in the development economics of Daron Acemoglu and Esther Duflo
Robert Chernomas and Ian Hudson

Articles / Articles

La vision minière pour l’Afrique et les transformations des cadres règlementaires miniers: les expériences du Mali et du Sénégal
Mylène Coderre, Mouhamadou Lamine Diallo, Alfousseyni Diawara and Bonnie Campbell 

Negotiating post-resettlement livelihoods: the Chinese special economic zone and its impact in northwestern Laos
Pinkaew Laungaramsri and Souksamone Sengchanh 

Special section/Section thématique: Post-socialist Smallholders: Silence, Resistance and Alternatives / Petits exploitants agricoles en contexte post-socialiste: silence, résistance et alternatives

Post-socialist smallholders: silence, resistance and alternatives
Oane Visser, Stefan Dorondel, Petr Jehlička and Max Spoor

Rethinking resilience: home gardening, food sharing and everyday resistance
Petr Jehlička, Petr Daněk & Jan Vávra

Resistant to change? Smallholder response to World Bank-sponsored “commercialisation” in Romania and Ukraine
Mihai Varga

Beyond the “special period”: land reform, supermarkets and the prospects for peasant-driven food sovereignty in post-socialist Cuba (2008–2017)
Louis Thiemann and Max Spoor 

Dissuading the state: food security, peasant resistance and environmental concerns in rural Bulgaria Stefan Dorondel & Stelu Şerban

Corporate social responsibility, coexistence and contestation: large farms’ changing responsibilities vis-à-vis rural households in Russia
Oane Visser, Alexander Kurakin and Alexander Nikulin