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Call for Nominations

Canadian Association for the Study of International Development (CASID) 

Board of Directors

2023 Election


* Self-nominations are due May 10, 2023 and can be completed using this Google Form:


Positions Becoming Vacant 

Four positions on the Canadian Association for the Study of International Development (CASID) Board of Directors will become vacant at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) in May 2023. Nominations to fill these positions are requested and should be submitted using the Google Form link above. 

  • Vice President (must be a current or past board member)
  • Treasurer
  • Conference Coordinator
  • Member at Large


Board of Directors

CASID's Board of Directors is drawn from its membership ranks. Members of the CASID Board of Directors are responsible for the governance of the Association and for the development of strategic plans, policies and programming to carry out CASID’s mission. Becoming a Board Member involves a substantial time commitment and candidates must be willing and able to devote the time and attention necessary to fully and actively participate in the governance of the organization. Information about CASID, including a list of current Board Members is available on our website. More information about the operations and governance structure of CASID can be found in the By-Laws available online


The Vice-President should have been a member of the Board prior to, or during the year in which they are nominated and shall serve for one (1) year after election by the membership. The Vice-President shall also be designated as President-elect and shall normally become President after completing a one (1) year term. The duties of the Vice-President include: 


The Treasurer shall, if possible, have been a member of the Board prior to, or during

the year in which he or she is nominated and shall serve for two (2) years after election by the membership. The duties of the Treasurer, assisted by contracted individuals, will include:

  • the collection and safekeeping of the funds of the Corporation;
  • to be the custodian of the corporate seal of the Corporation, which the Treasurer shall deliver only when authorized by a resolution of the Board to do so and to such person or persons as may be named in the resolution;
  • the formulation and distribution of financial and other reports relating to the conduct of the business of the Corporation prior to the general meeting; and
  • such other duties as may be delegated to this office by the President and Board.

Conference Coordinator

The Board will also include a Conference Coordinator for a 1-year term, after which this person would become a Member at Large for the rest of his/her/their term of office (i.e. three years in total). The role of the Conference Coordinator includes:

  • working with the Vice-President on the organization of conferences and special events, with the support of the Board, on behalf of the Corporation; 
  • corresponding with the Federation of Social Sciences and Humanities and other parties in order to co-organize the annual CASID conference.

Member at Large 

Members at large of the Board will be elected for a term of three (3) years by the Members through online voting. The duties of Members at Large include: 

  • attending all meetings of the board (virtually or in person) ;
  • participating in committees and working groups ;
  • attending CASID programs and events where possible within availability and budgetary constraints.


Board Selection Criteria

A wide range of skills and experience are needed on the Board. This year, the Nominating Committee is especially interested in recruiting candidates with the following backgrounds and qualities.

  • Bilingual in both official languages
  • From provinces other than Ontario 
  • Demonstrated skills in event planning, social media and communications
  • Experience in reconciliation and decolonization processes 

This list of preferred skills and backgrounds is not intended to be exclusive, and we encourage everyone who might be interested in a Board position to apply

CASID is committed to supporting diversity, equity and inclusion in all its policies, practices, programs and in its leadership, including the Board of Directors. Due consideration will be exercised to secure professional, gender, linguistic, geographical and disciplinary representation on the Board. We especially welcome applications from Black, Indigenous and People of Colour; individuals with disabilities; LGBTQIA+ individuals; and others who may contribute to the further diversification of ideas. Nominees are welcome to self-identify as a member of any of these groups, or others.

Qualified candidates should have an understanding of CASID’s mission and a strong desire to further its goals, including our commitment to anti-racism and decolonization. The following membership criteria are also requirements for members of the CASID Board of Directors: 

  • Directors must be CASID members in good standing 
  • Directors should have prior involvement with CASID, whether as a member, board member, staff member, or volunteer
  • Directors must agree to support the vision, mission and values of CASID


Nominations Process 

Interested candidates are requested to self-nominate using the Nominations Form available here:


  • The deadline for nomination applications is May 5, 2023.
  • All applications will be initially screened by the Nominations Committee to assess candidates’ prior knowledge of and/or involvement in CASID. 
  • Profiles of the final slate of candidates will be featured on CASID’s website.
  • Electronic balloting (online voting) by the CASID membership:  May 15, 2023-May 25, 2023.
  • Successful candidates will be announced at the CASID AGM on May 30, 2023.

If you have any questions, please contact Prof. Laura Parisi, Chair of the Nominating Committee and President of CASID, at, or other Nominating Committee members Georgina Alonso at and Dr. Marie Gagné at