The CASID 2024 Conference will take place in person and virtually at McGill University, Montreal from 12 – 14 June as a part of the Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences Annual Congress

Development and Growing Insecurity in an Era of Overlapping Crises

The world is facing unprecedent crises including environmental disasters on every continent, global food insecurity, wars and conflicts including the ongoing full-scale invasion of Ukraine, a genocide in Gaza/Palestine and a series of escalations in armed conflict and elsewhere, all happening in tandem with human rights violations and social injustices around the world. Despite the global nature of these challenges and their impacts on everyone, we are also witnessing increasing polarization and heightened divisions that limit our ability to address them.

The CASID 2024 conference focuses on contemporary overlapping crises, their origins and underlying causes, and strategies for tackling injustices in a divided world. CASID invites participants to reflect on these contemporary global crises by sharing research and knowledge on their historical roots and current impacts around the world and by contributing to theoretical insights, new mindsets needed, practical strategies undertaken, and proposed solutions.

This year's CASID conference theme links closely with the Congress 2024 theme ‘Sustaining shared futures.’ We anticipate CASID’s panels offering important insights into the urgency required for addressing ‘sustainability’, our interconnectedness as humans, and the need for “global action on the overlapping social, economic, environmental, and technological issues that threaten our future.” The CASID community has immense knowledge and expertise on this topic and we look forward to you sharing your knowledge with us in Montreal from June 12-14, 2024.

The 2024 CASID Conference Committee.